How To Choose The Best Rugby Kicking Tee

Gone are the days of sandcastles as makeshift tees! Rugby kicking tees are now crucial for a successful place kickers arsenal.

This guide dives deep into the world of rugby kicking tees, exploring popular brands like the innovative Rugby Bricks alongside established favourites, to help you find your perfect fit for booming conversions and penalties.

Why is the Right Rugby Kicking Tee Important?

A well-chosen tee can significantly enhance your kicking performance in several ways.

It provides a stable platform, ensuring a consistent base for striking the rugby ball. This consistency translates to better accuracy and power in your kicks. The tee also plays a role in optimal ball placement. Different kicking styles favour slightly different ball positions in relation to the kicker's foot.

The right tee will allow you to position the ball precisely for your preferred technique. Finally, the height of the tee can influence the trajectory and power of your kick.

By choosing the right height, you can optimise your kicks for distance, accuracy, or a combination of both, depending on the game situation.


Meet the Contenders: Popular Kicking Tee Brands

  • Rugby Bricks - the new playernot just another name in the kicking tee game; they're a brand leading the charge in innovation with their founder Peter Breen.

    Their range of tees is meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs of various kicking styles.

    Take the revolutionary 88 Tee, for example. This unique design exposes a larger sweet spot on the ball, which translates to cleaner contact and unmatched consistency in your strikes, no matter the angle.

    For players who prefer low-ball placement, the Wolf by Rugby Bricks offers maximum ball exposure.

    But Rugby Bricks understands that every kicker is on a journey. That's why they also offer a variety of other tee heights via the Vortex Kicking Tee, so any player can find their perfect sweet spot.

    Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your kicking journey, Rugby Bricks has a tee meticulously crafted to elevate your game.

    Their commitment to innovation and education via social media and their educational YouTube channel ensures you have the perfect tool to unlock your full kicking potential.
    • Channel Your Inner Legend: Dan Carter Supertee Range

      Embrace the kicking legacy of the iconic Dan Carter with his namesake Supertee Collection. More than just a tribute, these tees are meticulously designed to elevate your performance on the pitch.

      The cornerstone of the collection is the original Dan Carter Supertee. This champion-approved tee offers exceptional flexibility in ball placement. Whether you favor a slightly offset position or a more traditional strike, the Supertee allows you to customise your setup for optimal accuracy.

      And the magic doesn't stop there. The kicking tee's soft rubber construction provides a unique benefit. It absorbs some of the impact from your kick, potentially translating to more powerful strikes with every conversion or penalty attempt.

      Looking to unleash your inner long-range specialist? Then look no further than the Supertee Extra. This variation boasts an increased height specifically designed for those booming kicks from deep. Soar over the posts and secure those crucial points with pinpoint precision.

      The Dan Carter Supertee Collection doesn't stop at these two titans. The ever-evolving range has recently welcomed some popular additions – the Prince and the Throne, both tees feature an exposed chalice which reveals the sweet spot of the ball.

      With the Dan Carter Supertee Collection by your side, you'll be channeling the kicking mastery of a legend while wielding the perfect tool to unleash your own on-field dominance.
        • The Old Guard -  Gilbert Kicking Tee Range: For those who demand precision and versatility, the Gilbert collection offers a winning combination. Their renowned Precision Tees, crafted with a sturdy construction, ensure a stable platform for every kick.

          These tees are perfect for players who value consistency and a clean strike. But Gilbert doesn't stop there. They understand that conditions and kicking styles can vary, which is why they also offer Telescopic Tees that allow you to adjust the height on the fly, and their innovative ABT (Adjustable Base Technology) Tees that boast a wider range of height options. With Gilbert, you'll always have the perfect rugby tee height to match your needs and conquer any kicking challenge.
        • The Rhino Kicking Tee Range: Rhino caters to all levels of kickers with their comprehensive tee range.

          For clubs and aspiring players, the Rhino Club Rugby Kicking Tee provides excellent value without compromising on quality.

          Serious kickers can take their game to the next level with the Dave Aldred Tee, co-designed by the legendary kicking coach behind Jonny Wilkinson's iconic boot.

          This tee incorporates Aldred's expertise to optimise ball placement and kicking technique. And let's not forget adaptability!

          Rhino's Telescopic Kicking Tee offers variable heights, allowing you to adjust to different conditions and kicking styles. With Rhino, you'll find the perfect balance of affordability, performance, and flexibility on your path to kicking mastery.

        Choosing Your Perfect Tee: Key Factors to Consider

        When selecting your kicking tee, there are several key factors to consider:

        • Stability: A sturdy base is essential. You don't want your tee toppling over at the slightest nudge, especially during a crucial conversion attempt. Look for tees with a wide, stable base that can handle uneven terrain or windy conditions.

        • Ball Grip/Placement: The tee's cradle should hold the ball firmly in place, but also allow for adjustments based on your kicking style. Some tees feature grip dots or softer rubber cradles for enhanced control over the ball's position.

        • Height: This depends on personal preference and kicking mechanics. Here's a breakdown of common heights and their pros and cons:

          • Low (6 cm): The most commonly used height, promoting power in your kicks but demanding precise footwork to avoid hitting the ground before the ball.

          • Medium (8 cm): This height offers more ground clearance and allows you to strike the ball at the very tip for potentially better accuracy (though it can sacrifice some distance). Our best sellers!

          • High (10-11 cm): The most forgiving height, ideal for beginners as it allows for more margin of error in footwork. However, many established kickers also utilise this height.

          • Adjustable: Perfect for finding your ideal height as you develop your technique, or for adapting to different conditions on the field.

        • Material: Traditionally constructed from hard rubber, most tees now incorporate softer, lighter materials. The rationale behind softer tees is that they can potentially provide a cleaner strike on the ball from your rugby boot and may improve follow-through technique, leading to more consistent kicking.

        Remember: Kicking is a highly individualised skill. Experiment with different tees and brands to discover what compliments your kicking style.

        With the right kicking tee, dedication to practice, and a good understanding of kicking technique, you'll be booming those conversions and penalties in no time.

        Visit today to explore our extensive range of kicking tees, including the innovative Rugby Bricks collection! We have the perfect tee to help you unlock your kicking.

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