SportTape | Kinesiology, EAB and Zinc Oxide Tape

    If you're looking for top-quality tapes to support your athletic performance, SportTape is the brand to turn to. At we offer a range of tapes, including EAB tape, kinesiology tape, ,zinc tape, sock tape and sock wrap to help athletes of all levels prevent injuries, reduce pain, and improve recovery.

    As athletes and physiotherapists, the SportTape founders know being injured sucks! Using kinesiology tape and sports tapes can help protect you against injury and support recovery. SportTape are here to give you the tape and skills via their knowledge base of elite sports therapists who deliver no-nonsense advice via blogs and social channels.

    SportTape manufacture the three key tapes needed for injury management and protection in rugby.

    ZINC OXIDE TAPE delivers tough support and protection to joints. Capable of withstanding huge forces, it provides security and reassurance. It's an elite performer for knees, ankles and shoulder injuries and is incredibly strong and extremely sticky!

    EAB TAPE (Elastic Adhesive Bandage) is the go-to tape for rugby. Providing quick support and protection. Its elastic properties make it more suited for taping around muscles and soft tissue and over taping Zinx Oxide. It's also our go-to tape for applying line out lifting blocks. EAB tapes are stretchy, sticky and strong. You won't find better.

    KINESIOLOGY TAPE or K-Tape can be applied to assist recovery. It's a stretchy tape that may help reduce pain and assist movement. Kinesiology Tape is a stretchy, sticky, cotton tape that’s applied to the skin to give light support and promote movement. This may help to ease pain and reduce swelling. The real beauty of K TAPE is its ability to gently encourage your body to behave naturally. Once applied, it can last up to 5 days to provide dynamic support and a gentle reminder. 

    All SportTape products are carefully crafted with high-quality materials and designed to withstand the rigors of sports training and competition. Trust SportTape to provide the support and protection you need to reach your full athletic potential. Shop our range of EAB tape, kinesiology tape, and zinc tape today and experience the difference.