Bearhug Supports

Bearhug Rugby Supports - Experience ultimate comfort and support with bamboo charcoal yarn supports. Designed to enhance blood flow, perfect for recovery and performance. Order before 3pm for same-day dispatch!

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      Bearhug Bamboo Joint Supports & Muscle Sleeves

      Bearhug Rugby Supports are made from bamboo charcoal yarn, which is naturally soft, breathable, and odour-resistant. They are also designed to provide support and compression to help reduce pain and swelling. Bearhug supports are available for a variety of body parts, including knees, elbows, wrists, thighs, and ankles.

      Here are some of the benefits of Bearhug Rugby Supports:

        • Comfort: Bamboo charcoal yarn is soft and gentle on the skin, making Bearhug supports comfortable to wear all day long.
        • Support: Bearhug supports provide compression to help reduce pain and swelling.
        • Increased blood flow: Bamboo charcoal yarn is said to increase blood flow, which can help to improve healing.
        • Odour resistance: Bamboo charcoal yarn is naturally odour-resistant, so you can stay fresh and confident all day.

      If you are looking for comfortable, supportive, and odour-resistant rugby support, Bearhug is a great option.

      Stay in the game, keep your rugby boots on, and prevent injuries with Bearhug supports.